helping healthcare professionals and those 

who do business with them, navigate an

endless number of industry laws and regulations


compliance; strategy; profits

Working in an extremely regulated industry can be stressful; especially when the rules seem to change almost daily. Maintaining compliance while making a profit can be a real challenge. I stay on top of the laws and regulations that affect your business, which means I can help you make strategic and operational decisions that drive profits while keeping you out of hot water. My number one goal is to help grow your business within the confines of this complicated industry. 

cost-efficiency; experience; professionalism

I carefully consider taking on every new client because I want to be available to you as much as possible. And because I do not litigate, I'm rarely out of the office except for client meetings. I also work alone, utilizing technology to fill any gaps, which means you'll never be billed for assistants, paralegals or lawyers-in-training. 

You'll also find my rates extremely fair; especially considering my years of experience in both health and business law, as in-house counsel and a business owner. I attack an issue from all sides; providing not only sound legal advice but competent business guidance as well. My clients feel this is what sets me apart from other attorneys. 

assisting healthcare providers, professionals and related businesses




behavioral therapists









healthcare marketing groups



clinical laboratories


healthcare technology companies

medical device companies

medical/surgical suppliers

medical practices

nursing homes

durable medical equipment businesses

home health providers 


residential treatment centers

surgery & imaging centers



dental practices

assisted living facilities


addressing a range of industry issues

licensing and credentialing

business or practice expansion


stark, anti-kickback, FCA



hemp & CBD

healthcare business transactions

operations and personnel

dispensing legend & controlled drugs



telemedicine  & telehealth 

sales & marketing compliance

healthcare technology


telemental health

government investigations



private payer contracts

physician office laboratories


compliance plans

concision counsel services

(your own attorney on call)

Unless you have major or on-going legal issues you probably don't need to hire a full-time staff attorney. I have extensive and varied business experience and have worked in-house with three different healthcare-related businesses. Through my counsel program, I will answer questions, give advice, review and draft documents, manage problems with suppliers, customers or employees and handle most any issue that perplexes you or your staff. Rates are set based on blocks of time, purchased on a quarterly basis and can vary based on parameters we determine in advance. For an example of quarterly rates, click here.  

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