Attorney to Attorney Contract Work

l provide services to you or directly to your business client, on your behalf, as you determine.

I bill, directly to you, $50 an hour.

You bill your client a reasonable fee for legal services (Rule 1.5 a) by adopting my work as your own and being responsible for it to your client (Rule 1.1) or by "supervising" me (Rule 5.1).

(See Ethics Advisory Opinion 10-08 for an excellent explanation of the Rules)

How it Works:

What I Can Do For You (with absolutely no hand-holding):

I have extensive experience in drafting, reviewing, revising and negotiating most business documents/transactions and have specific legal and regulatory experience related to franchising, clinical/medical laboratories, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical distribution. (See 

I can provide additional "law-related services" to your clients such as business coaching, strategic planning, management training, seminars and workshops; all in strict adherence with Rule 5.7.

I have experience in auditing departments and meeting with key staff to "mine, define and refine" procedures and processes for greater efficiency as well as drafting operating and compliance procedures and manuals, employee manuals,  operating manuals and more.
I can serve as "on-call" general counsel for your business clients, either on-site or virtually.

I can even organize educational events at your offices (from research and preparing your presentation to invitations and refreshments).

For More About My Services See These Web Pages:

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Franchise Services     Strategic Planning     

Concision Counsel

I will never accept as my own client, any client I serve through you or directly, on your behalf. I will provide signed documentation to that effect.


You are welcome to provide me with a firm email address for all client communications.


I provide my own office space just 10 steps from my back door, so there's no overhead for you. However, if you would like me to work from your office for specific projects, I am happy to do so.


You can reach me anytime by email, office phone, cell phone, text, FaceTime, Skype, Google Voice, or carrier pigeon.

I provide secure document-sharing through Microsoft SharePoint and a real-time billing portal so you can check-in at any time of the day or night to see how many hours I've logged on a specific project. I can also bill flat fees for many projects, upon request.

I invoice electronically, on a weekly basis, with payment due in 30 days.


I' happy to provide electronic signatures for documents when appropriate, at no additional charge to you.


Your lawyer's professional liability insurance will likely cover the work I do on your firm's behalf. Just confirm that 

independent contractor attorneys fall within the definition of "Insured" under your policy. If for some reason it doesn't, 

just let me know.

You can learn more than you really want to know about me here, here, here and here.

The Details:

Partner-Level Services Without Paying Partner-Level Compensation

Performed by a Greenville Attorney With 20+ Years' Experience

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