Franchise Services

If you're interested in franchising your business, already have a franchise and need help with your Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement or want to discuss purchasing a franchise, I can help you through it. I worked for several years inside a franchise company with multiple locations across the country. I handled everything from legal documents to operating manuals and franchisee disputes.

Interested in Franchising Your Business?

You must look beyond mere profitability to determine if your business is a candidate for franchising. Starting a franchise with the right advice and guidance is imperative. It's extremely difficult to go back and fix issues caused by lack of planning and organization. The legal documents and hurdles are only part of the issue.

A franchise must be scalable and lend itself to systematizing so it can be replicated down to the most minute detail and handed over to the franchisee, who after training, will be able to run the business successfully. Many franchise consultants suggest opening at least 2 or 3 company-owned units before franchising. Just getting your systems refined and recorded could take a few years.  

Franchising is certainly one way to grow your business, but it may not be the best or most appropriate way to grow your business. Do as much research as you can, talk to other franchisors, franchise consultants and franchise attorneys and gain as much insight as possible before making up your mind and plowing full steam ahead. You may decide to take another route to expansion. 

Are You Already a Franchisor?

If you're an established franchisor going through a growth spurt, trying to break into new markets or having issues with your franchisees, let's talk. 


     Franchisor Services:

          Franchise Consultation - free one-hour discussion about franchising your business

          Franchise Evaluation - determine the feasibility of franchising your business

          Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement - consultation on every item, drafting the documents and filing with the                    appropriate states

         Franchisee Training Program - develop your training program

          Franchisee Training Facilitation - train your franchisees based on your training program

          Franchise "Discovery Day" Program - this day is extremely important and needs to make a huge impact on potential                              franchisees; we can plan the entire day and even help facilitate

          Franchise Operations Manual - the operations manual is vital to the entire franchise and should never be a template  

          Corporate Operations Manual - running a franchise company is challenging to say the least - going about it in a haphazard                  manner will only make things more difficult and could lead to disaster

Are You Thinking of Buying a Franchise?

Please don't sign that Franchise Agreement without letting an attorney (one familiar with this type of document) do a thorough review.  Additionally, the Disclosure Documents should be closely examined along with interviews of current and past franchisees. Finally, the financial disclosures included in these documents should be reviewed very closely. A legal review and a frank discussion could end up saving you thousands and thousands of dollars.