Concision Counsel Program

Concision Counsel = Part-time General Counsel

General Counsel (a.k.a. GC, In-House Counsel, Inside Counsel, Corporate Counsel, etc.) is simply a term for an attorney that works for your business to perform or oversee all legal issues. Whether your business currently has a full-time GC who occasionally needs assistance or you only need a GC a few hours a month, Concision Counsel provides the solution.


I can custom-tailor a program to meet your business' specific needs; from project-based assistance and augmentation of current legal staff, to regular on-site office hours. I can provide advice and guidance on vendor and customer relations, employment issues, operational and regulatory issues and policies, contracts, joint ventures and most any other business or legal issue.  Your business will benefit from the years of real-world business and GC experience I bring to the table without the expense of employing full-time counsel or retaining an expensive outside law firm. 

Packages and Pricing for Concision GC

I can step in on a full-time, part-time, or per-project basis depending on the needs of your business. Most businesses either don’t need or can’t afford a GC on a full-time basis.  That’s OK, because with the Concision GC program, I can provide legal insight and solutions for your most critical issues without working full time. Flexible Quarterly Plans available for as few as 40 hours per quarter (any consecutive 13-week period during a year), which you can utilize in one week or spread out over the entire quarter. The more hours you purchase, the less you pay per hour.  

*All GC Quarterly Plans must be paid in advance of work. 

An Overview of General Counsel’s Various Duties

(I will provide an initial assessment of the business and then we will discuss and determine the main priorities)

Asset Protection – Provide the company with strategy and policy to insure the integrity of the corporate entity, protect the corporate assets and the assets of individual owners (shareholders or members).


Corporate Policies and Procedures – Draft and modify company policies and procedures in all areas of the business from employment to operations (e.g.: procedures to insure efficient operation of different departments and positions, employment and operations manuals, all areas of regulatory and legal compliance) and provide "information mining" to insure information held only by specific employees does not leave the company when the employee does. 

Litigation Management – Settle disputes (e.g.: with vendor, employee, client, etc.) before litigation is initiated and work with outside litigation counsel to reduce expenses by managing the process and providing much of the leg-work.


Contractual Rights Protection – Insure all incoming contracts are reviewed prior to signing and every matter involving another party is covered by a written contract, if necessary.  Provide contract management and document control.

Intellectual Property Control – Insure trade secrets, copyrights, patents and trademarks are protected and retain their value to the company through document oversight including filing and maintenance of all required documents.

Regulatory Oversight – Overlapping with several duties listed above, regulatory oversight also includes applying for various licenses and permits, managing audits and interaction with regulatory agencies and maintaining records.

General Business Guidance - If GC is knowledgeable and experienced enough, they can also serve as trusted advisor to the business owner(s) in a variety of situations (e.g.: expansion, acquisition, hiring, communications, sourcing, strategic planning, competitive strategy, etc.).