Paying Fees By the Hour

I suppose some habits do die hard. Flat fees are easily estimated when you know about how long it might take you to do something. But imagine if someone asked you to give them a price to cut the grass on a piece of property and they couldn't begin to tell you how large that property was. It would be a little hard to give them a price, huh? I'm in the same boat if I'm asked to give a price for something like negotiating a contract or settling a dispute; there's no way of knowing how long it might take. In many situations, however, I can charge you a flat fee with the understanding that if the project takes more than a predetermined number of hours, I will bill you at a specific hourly rate for each additional hour. I track the hours and all of the efforts I make on your behalf and you can log in to your client portal to see what's going on at any time.


When I must bill by the hour, the rate is $195.00 for non-subscription and non-Concision Counsel clients.