Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance is a worrisome subject for many businesses but few industries have as many rules to deal with as you do.  Healthcare-related businesses must maintain vigilance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.  The risks associated with non-compliance can be financially and professionally devastating.  For most of you, it’s simply not feasible to require a staff member to keep up with the laws, regulations and all the agency and court interpretations.  


It’s important to have someone like me to guide, advise, or simply handle these regulatory-related matters for your practice or business.  I can help in a number of ways; explaining the rules, drafting an opinion letter, drafting a policy or an entire manual, designing a compliance program, training management and staff and even dealing directly with a regulatory agency if an issue arises.  If you have already implemented a regulatory compliance program, I am happy to conduct an audit to insure you are up to date and fine-proof.