Strategic Business Planning

Strategic business planning doesn’t begin and end with eloquently-worded mission and vision statements. And it can’t be done in a one-day executive retreat. Strategic business planning requires strategic thinking; examination of where the business has been, where it is now and where you want to take it.

As the CEO or business owner, you know strategic planning is never “done”. The strategic planning process is continual; you must constantly pay attention to the various external and internal forces that affect your organization’s future.

Just as with a business plan, the strategic planning process is the most important part of creating the plan itself; working backwards from the results you want, determining the processes to make them happen and finally, understanding the resources required to carry out the process.

My background in a variety of small businesses and business law combined with a "rolodex" full of folks who fill gaps such as manufacturing, business development, product development, etc. equips me to assist small businesses in a variety of industries. If your business is struggling to find a foothold, is challenged by changes in the competitive landscape or a lack of resources to meet opportunities, we can help set you on the right course.

I'm happy to work with you at any level; from a couple of meetings to assess current issues, to longer term planning and implementation. You’ll find my fees extremely affordable, without compromising on quality. We’ll discuss your needs and customize a fixed-fee package and the final results will set your business on the right path.